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BlackPods Pro Scam | A Million $ Scam Of Black Pods In 2021

Blackpods or Blackpods Pro is a Product Considered as Best Possible Emulation of Airpods by Apple. Black Pods are Real But Some Brands are Scamming People in The Name Of Black Pods. They Deliver Nothing To Consumers and Scamming by Changing Their Names again and Again. Here We Will Point Out Some Fake and legit Sites Offering Blackpods, Blackpods Pro, Blackpods2 and Blk Pods Pro.

Why To Use Blackpods?

Black Pods Pro

You Know That Airpods are a Little Bit Costly. People Look For a Substitute Product With Cheap Price But Better in Quality. It Must Have all Features as Airpods Have. So here Comes the Blackpods and Black Pods Pro. There Are Lots of Sites Selling Blackpods But Most Of Them Are Scam. They Will Charge You The Actual Price But Will Deliver You Nothing. So Beware Of Buying Blackpods From Such Sites.

How Scammers Work?

Everyone Knows, Blackpods is The Favorite Product Of Every User. Every One Wants To Have Blackpods in Wide Range of Colors and at a Cheap Price. This is The Plus Point For Scammers. They Started Promoting and Building Their Brand Sites. They Run Ads, Pay Youtubers For Promotion To Million Of Audience, Hire Search Engine Optimizer To Rank Their Sites To Generate Leads. Once They Started Getting Orders They Don’t Deliver The Product and Never Give Your Money Back. Attorney General Of US Started Serious Investigation Against Them And They are in bit Control Right Now.

Blackpods Scam

What Are Proofs Of These Scams?

Blackpods Scam is Trending Right Now. They Are Using Unsafe Payment Methods To Sell Their Products. They Have Built Huge Stunning Brands On Shopify and Bought Hundreds Of Fake Reviews From US and Non-US Residents. They Are Investing Money In Promotion of Their Stores. They Are Generating Thousands Of Leads a Day From Different Stores, And Delivering Nothing To You. Here are Some Proofs Of Their Scams:

Unbox Therapy Unboxing of Blackpods Video

Blackpods Scam Started From Earlier in 2019 and Some Sites Announced To Have Great Blackpods and Blackpods Pro In Very Cheap Price. They Promised The Great Quality and Offered Money Back Guarantee As Well. But They Are Not Getting Orders. One of the Brand Asked Lewis Hilsenteger Who Owns an Unboxing YouTube Channel “Unbox Therapy” And Paid a Huge Amount To Give A Review About Their Product. The Video Was Published On September 10th 2019 And It Got Millions Of views. This Video Was Sponsored By Which is Take Down Later Due to Fraudulent Stuff and For Scamming Peoples.

These Sites Mostly have Unsafe Payment Methods and They Deals Under The Table. Mostly They Use Visa and Master Cards To Scam People or Sometimes in BTC. Don’t Go With Unsafe, Unknown And Fake Sites To Buy Blackpods. They May be Cheap But In fact, You Are Paying For Nothing.

Fresh Stores and Sites

Scammers and Fraudulent Sites and Stores Don’t Have Good Reputation. Their Stores Looks Professionally Designed But Are Very Fresh. You Must Check Whois Details of Site and Store To Verify The Age. If The Site is Built in the Last Six Months, There are 80% Chances That It Will be a Fraud Site Making People Fool. You Must need to Report Such Sites and Brands


Non-Verified Vendors

They Are Not Verified For Online Sale and Purchase by the US Attorney General. Scammers Have Fake Certificates, Approvals and Permissions. They Will Never Offer You Cash on Delivery Service.

Fake Reviews

You Must Be Amazed, If A Site has Hundreds Of Reviews with Five Star Rating, How This Could be a SCAM. Wait a While, Read All The Reviews And Try To Assess the Health Of The Reviews. They Might be Fake and Earned By Their Own Emails.

Fake Reviews Of Blackpods

Are There Any Real Sites Or All are Fake?

Blackpods is a Real Product, Which is Really Cheap as It is Mentioned on Lots Of SItes. Actually These Scams Are not About Blackpods But about Every Product That Is Getting Trend. There are a Few Good Sites Like I Investigated about a Month and Ordered a few Products From Different Sites. I didn’t Get Nothing From Three Sites.,, I Received Defective Product From and didn’t got Any Refund Out of It. Only The Product Of Was Great, and I’m Feeling Good With It. Hope It Will be Good in Future as Well.

I Will Recommend You To Go With This site But If You Want to Give a Try to any other Site, First Read Their Reviews. It Matters a Lot, Because Once You Lost your Money, You Will never be able to get It Back. has Wide Range in Colors and Prices. You Can Select The Best One For you and Buy It Without Any Scam or Fear of Fraud.

Process Of Buying Blackpods From

I Visited Blackpods From and I Received a Mail About Their Product. They Promised Following Things. First I Think I Might Got in Trap, But I Got The Product Finally After a Week and I Will Appreciate The Quality Of Product They Own. Product Was Well Packed and I Got a Gift Card (Including Voucher Code)  Along With the Product. If You Want To Get The Discounted Price You Can Click Here To Buy The Product.

✅ Free Worldwide Shipping

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✅ Order Processed Within 24 Hours

✅ Tracking number provided for every order

✅ Customer Support 24/7

Blackpods2 | Next Generation Of Blackpods

There is Wide Range in Blackpods. Though I didn’t Bought These Pods But Will touch it Too. BlackPods2 is the second generation of BlackPods, the evolution of the BlackPods. They are in a smooth matte finish and they have a wireless charging case to deliver the wireless headphone experience, re-imagined. Just pull them out of the case and they’re ready to use with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Blackpods vs Airpods

In terms of functionality, the BlackPods are very similar to Apple’s Airpods, because they are both connected to iOS devices via an H1 chip, display battery levels, and look the same (only black).

The difference is that the Airpods sync seamlessly with all your devices, while the BlackPods can only be found on the device they are connected to, and do not sync with iCloud or have a “find my device” GPS feature.

I felt that the real AirPods had won in terms of sound quality, but to be honest, I was surprised to see the BlackPods coming close. I’d say there’s about 80% difference between the real AirPods and the BlackPods in terms of sound, but that’s just my opinion; with a $100 price difference, the BlackPods are significantly cheaper, so I feel they are a compelling value.

In terms of overall build quality, the Airpods are the clear winner, but that’s to be expected given the big price difference, and the BlackPods aren’t sloppy either, weighing in at 46 grams and with a soft matte black feel that’s comfortable in the hand.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the BlackPods over the Airpods, although if you’re on a tight budget, price will be a big determinant in your purchase.

Main Features

  1. Smart sensor – This sensor allows for your pods to automatically stop audio playback when you remove them and play it again when you put them back
  2. Customization and Tracking – You can do customization the way you want, this includes naming your pods and even tracking them on your phone if you lose them
  3. Lasting battery – Non-stop 4 hours battery for each earbud. Battery levels of each pod displayed on the phone
  4. Battery case – The case allows 24 hours of battery charging. Battery levels of the case displayed on the phone
  5. Wireless Charging Case – The case can be charged wirelessly
  6. Pop-up animation connect – An animation pops up when connecting

Touch Controls

  • Touch on the pod once to play, pause or answer a call
  • Touch twice to skip to next song
  • Touch three times to replay song or play previous song
  • Say “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google” for things like playing a song, making a call, or getting directions

Package Contents

  • 1 x BlackPods 2™
  • 1 x Wireless Charging Case
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Manual

Blackpods Bluetooth Headset:

BlackPods Bluetooth headsets connect to your device with the latest bluetooth 5.0+ technology, which gives your blackpods bluetooth headset a better signal, and enables it to play your favorite sound in better quality than headsets with e.g. bluetooth 4.0 technology. Bluetooth headsets with bluetooth 5.0+ technology also improve the battery life of your bluetooth headset, and you naturally get a much greater pleasure from the headset than a traditional one.

How Good Black Pods Bluetooth Headsets?

Black pods Bluetooth headsets are amazing! They allow you to listen to your favorite podcast or music without wiring, but without compromising on music quality or sound. Bluetooth headsets give freedom! Without tiring wires, and the inconvenience of the phone being in the charger, for example, and you thus do not have the opportunity to move around freely in the house, giving it gas with good entertainment.

Wireless Headset Blackpods

Wireless headset = Freedom – BlackPods wireless headset, of course, is without annoying cables and wires, and gives you TWS which stands for “True Wireless Sound”, this is done by our wireless headsets using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and therefore gives you a wireless headset that can deliver great sound quality and long battery life.

Wireless Headset VS Traditional Headset

Wireless headset is the best replacement for a traditional headset, so you avoid cluttered cables and sound that depends on you having your phone on you. Wireless headsets with bluetooth 5.0+ provide a hypothetical range of up to 25 meters, although you will probably experience interruptions and degraded quality at this distance, so it is possible in certain environments.

Bluetooth Headset In-Ear

Bluetooth headset in-ear gives itself a passive ANC Anti noise cancellation, as Bluetooth headset in-ear it shields your ear from outside sound and noise completely automatically when they are inserted your ear correctly. Most new Bluetooth headsets today are in-ear, which means that they are inserted inside the ear, and not on the outside as a traditional headphone would do.

Our BlackPods are in-ear bluetooth headsets, and therefore give you a completely natural ANC, and therefore improve your experience with our BlackPods. It thus improves your experience when you commit yourself in noisy areas, or if there is a lot of noise in the fitness center, then you feel almost alone 🙂

Wireless charging 

Wireless charging is the latest form of charging and you can see that several of the major manufacturers are also going this route. For example, Apple, which offers Apple AirPods that can be charged without a cord. It’s the same with BlackPods, which gives you the option of not having to rely on finding an outlet to charge your device 

In addition, BlackPods also have built-in wireless charging in the form of the case, which provide wireless charging. The case itself is also made to be able to be charged without a cord.

Who is to blame for the BlackPod project?


It’s a good question without a clear answer at the moment, but I’ll do my best to put things in perspective. At the end of the day, all scams depend on a form or method to “get your message across” so that customers recognize and buy it.

In this example, Unbox Therapy was the channel that enabled the explosion of the BlackPod in 2019 in the first place, and even though the comment section of that video was flooded with messages from Lewis’ subscribers and other visitors saying that they had not received what they had ordered, the video is still online today.

In addition, I would say that Lewis, as one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform, has a duty of care to his subscribers when it comes to promoting a product for them. Because in fact, by criticizing the BlackPods and specifically highlighting the website that could be purchased at Unbox Therapy, he was doing a paid promotional job for BlvckNoir and should be responsible for not doing anything to verify the authenticity of that company, and even more so when it soon became clear that it was a scam that he had not yet removed from the video.

Note that another YouTuber Everything Apple Pro YouTuber also made the same criticism about them with a link in their description that still exists today, even though BlvckNoir is a known scheme for this point.

These two particular YouTubers are very much to blame for not taking meaningful steps to protect any of their subscribers. Overall, it is estimated that tens of thousands of customers worldwide have been defrauded and have lost their money.

But There is Still Hope:

As I said, not all of these companies are scammers, but some offer real Blackpods alternatives at reasonable prices and continue to offer “safe” purchase options. I mentioned earlier that BlackPods were sold with Safe Payment and other CC options. If you see a site that sounds too good to be true and can’t even have genuine reviews, Its better walk away.

Did You Got Scammed By BlackPods Scammers? We’d love to know your opinion in comments…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These FAQs are From For Authenticity Of Their Site. Their Brand is Providing Best Blackpods in Reasonable Price. If You Want Special Discount, Buy From The Link Mentioned in This post.

Are these BlackPods 2™ real?

Yes! These are BlackPods 2™. Our brand is independently owned and NOT associated with Apple AirPods 2™. But, we take pride in our BlackPods 2™ having nearly the same quality as AirPods 2™ but at a fraction of the price and in a different range of colours.

How can I charge the case?

The case charges through any lightning cable. We also include one on the package. Our case also features wireless charging, so you can use any wireless charger.

Do you have a warranty?

YES, BlackPods are covered by a 30-day limited warranty. This means that if your BlackPods are proven to be defective within the first 30 days of use, we will send you a new pair for free.

How long does shipping take?

We have free worldwide shipping. Shipping doesn’t take too long! We have dedicated warehouses in Singapore that ship out internationally via USPS. It takes an average of 1-2 weeks to arrive. A tracking shipping number will be provided for every order.

How long is the battery life?

On average, the pods can get up to 4 hours of battery life from one charge. This means that if you were to put your pods in, you would be able to use them for 4 hours straight. The charging case itself holds 4 charges, meaning it can charge the pods fully 4 times. In total, the battery life from one full case charge is 24 hours.

Quality you could listen

Our pods have special characteristic of excellent transducers that produce rich and distinct sound to delight the tiresome music lover.