Cbd Oil and Hemp Oil
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Is CBD and Hemp Oil Are Same Products?

Archeologists have discovered hemp cloth 8,000 years old in Mesopotamia that dates back to the Stone Age. The UK market is becoming more aware of CBD, so now is the time to discuss these two subjects. Whether it’s a spray, drops, or balm, CBD comes in a wide variety of forms, but all come from hemp.

Almost all CBD products include CBD oil as well as hemp oil. What is the difference between them? The plants are identical, but they differ in many ways. Let’s compare CBD oil and hemp oil, and see which is best for you.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is known worldwide. Hemp contains the biggest percentage of CBD, and cannabis possesses the second-highest concentration (behind THC, the cannabinoid that causes adverse effects from smoking marijuana). The plant’s leaves, specifically its trichomes, contain CBD.

Over 500 different compounds are found in cannabis, including 104 cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are a natural chemical compound found in most biological systems, including our own (hence the name).

There are no known side effects associated with CBD. WHO deemed CBD to have a “good safety profile”. The reason for this lies partly in the fact that your body naturally produces a cannabinoid like CBD, which means that it can be absorbed right away.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

CBD and hemp oil differ from one another significantly, but hemp and marijuana plants are very different from one another as well. There are quite a few differences between these two cannabis species, even though both are from the genus Cannabis.


Cannabis hemp is used to produce CBD olie slapen as well as hemp oil. Plants that are cultivated for their leaves, seeds, and fiber are classified as hemp subspecies of the Cannabis sativa plant. Despite its cannabinoids, hemp isn’t psychoactive but contains many of the same compounds as marijuana.

CBD can be extracted from hemp for many purposes besides CBD extraction. Hemp fibres are perfect for making textiles, papers, ropes, and much more. Creating CBD oil and other CBD products can now be achieved by harvesting hemp containing significant amounts of CBD.


Cannabis is usually synonymous with marijuana, which is a highly psychoactive drug. Although controversial, marijuana’s use in medicine and recreation is steadily increasing around the world. Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are two different cannabis species that contain marijuana.

In addition to being used for medical purposes, marijuana is generally used for recreational purposes as a means of getting high. In comparison, hemp only contains minimal amounts of THC, which makes marijuana psychoactive.

The cannabinoids in marijuana are also heightened to allow for specific percentages to be achieved. CBD is a priority for hemp growers, but high THC strains are favored by marijuana growers. It is important to realize that marijuana is illegal in the UK and belongs to the Class B drug category. Cannabis is only legal for medical purposes under strict control.

Hemp oil vs CBD oil: the similarities and differences

Finally, I want to get into the issue that brought you here: what exactly are the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil? Similarity and difference are evident in both products. Here’s how they compare:


In the UK, cannabis is still illegal, so hemp oil is typically derived from CBD. Hemp oil and CBD are both naturally low in THC (or only extremely small amounts) and will not make you high.


CBD oil and hemp are both extracted from different parts of the plant, so their biggest difference is that they come from different parts of the plant. Furthermore, hemp seed oil contains very little (or no) CBD.

The hemp leaf trichomes are used to extract CBD oil. Often referred to as “hemp seed oil”, hemp oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds.

A reputable CBD brand will include a batch test to show how much CBD can be found in a particular cannabis plant, since CBD can be extracted from any cannabis species. Be sure the percentage of CBD is higher than the quantity limit (BQL) and that THC levels are too high.

Avoiding confusion with CBD oil and hemp oil

So we know now that CBD oil and hemp oil are two different substances that are extracted from the same plant, but they are still often confused due to their similarities. Even though it won’t harm you if you choose to have one over the other, their purposes are very different.

The best oil to experience the full benefits of hemp is the CBD oil, whereas hemp oil is a nutritious, healthy oil. CBD is not present in hemp oils in quantities greater than trace amounts.

Although hemp seed oil may contain CBD, some brands may claim otherwise. Hemp seed oil’s CBD content will be lower than that of dedicated CBD oil, even though this might not be a lie.

You should also check whether the product has undergone a batch test or a certificate of analysis before buying. You can always ask questions directly to the manufacturer if you are still uncertain.

How to read CBD product labels?

BeYou’s motto is always ‘know what goes into your body’! Reading the product label and understanding what the jargon means is the best method for identifying high-quality CBD oil.

A quality CBD brand offers batch testing (also called a certificate of analysis), which indicates how many active compounds are in the product. In addition to the CBD amount, you should read the product’s other ingredients.

CBD may be classified as:

  • Cannabidiol
  • Broad/full spectrum cannabidiol extract
  • Full spectrum hemp
  • PCR – Phytocannabinoid Rich
  • PCR cannabinoid extracts

As well as hemp seed oil, cannabis sativa seed oil can be referred to as hemp seed oil. Carriers oil is usually the secondary ingredient for tinctures. Additional ingredients will be used in CBD-flavored products.

Furthermore, you should be cautious about CBD products that claim to have benefits. The UK has not yet approved any CBD products for making medical claims while research is ongoing. Medical claims should not be made for CBD products.