Is Fiverr Legit & Safe To Use? Top Buyer and Sellers of Fiverr

Fiverr is a legitimate and Secure platform to hire freelancers remotely. It has different badges to certify the skill Level of the seller and potential of Buyers.

It includes, Top Rated Sellers, level Two sellers, Level one Sellers and No level sellers. When it comes to Buyers, it Include Top Buyer, VID Buyer and Business Buyer.

Additionally, Fiverr has a level system for the sellers. When a seller delivers high-quality services, earns high ratings, and provides positive customer satisfaction, the seller will be awarded a level one, two, or top-rated badge based on their performance.

Level Of fiverr
Levels Of Fiverr Sellers – Top rated, Level Two, Level One

Is Fiverr Legit Platform?

Buyers and sellers can definitely trust Fiverr as a legitimate freelance marketplace. There are just a few sellers and buyers who have the intention of fraud but they can’t survive for too long. Sometimes, the buyer is over expected and he wishes to get a lot of work done for a few Bucks.

When the buyer is unable to get the desired results, he can cancel the order, but the seller may claim his reward as he had done the Promised work.

There will be no chances of Fraud or scam if Both buyer and seller have negotiated about price and final delivery. Sometimes buyers or sellers need to compromise in order to build long term relationships.

How to Avoid Scam on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a trustworthy freelancing platform for buyers and sellers. The only reason why Fiverr gets a bad rap is because of human error. The concept itself should work if people work efficiently with it. 

Fiverr has been in business since 2009-2010 and has more than 2.2 million active buyers and 840,000 sellers from over 165 countries demonstrating its legitimacy.

On top of all of that, I also earned approximately $12200 through Fiverr being a Seller. So you can trust my Words.

The important part is to understand that you aren’t dealing directly with Fiverr, but rather with the sellers and buyers on their platform. 

As a middleman, Fiverr ensures a buyer’s payment is protected, and a seller’s work is protected, and in exchange, it receives its commissions from both sides.

As a conclusion, I can say with confidence that it is a completely legit platform, but that does not mean you are 100% safe, you must look for signs that I will explain in the upcoming sections.

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